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Unmanned Information desks

Path finder

  • Airport unmanned information systems are a state of art experential way of providing almost any information to passengers from flight scheduling to check- in gates to various amenities at the disposal of passengers.

Let consumers know about your product offerings

Interactive Kiosks

  • Interactive Kiosks are tastefully designed to engage with passengers at various touch points.
  • These interactive and intellgent assets can be used by passengers to explore a particular section of the airport like food hall, Large liqour shops.
  • It’s a win -win combo for airport infrastructure providers and retail businesses as at one end they enhance the imagery of airport and brings alternate revene through alliances to prime providers , while on the hand side it acts as an efficacious marketing tools for highlight offers for retail clients.

Bring alive your brand

LED & Video Walls

  • It's not an solution which is unknown to the industry.
  • We at Virtual Veda takes pride in saying that we conceptulize designer video walls which are not symmetrical like the ones we have been seeing over the years.
  • Design being one of our core compentencies helps us offer these solution in an exclusive clutter-breaking format

Flight Information System

  • Centrally controlled, Customizable interface
  • Broadcast emergency notification
  • Ensure consistent communication across your screens
  • Provides airline and airport staff with accurate operational information
  • Displays all updates in real-time