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Automized patient management and Services at Hospital

Hospital service stations

  • When one thinks of Hospitals, even the best ones hassle customers. Right from being made to wait in queues, or finding a section or a lab to making payments, hospitals scare us all.
  • Internal& external communication is also a hassle for hospital management.
  • Virtual Veda Hospital service station solutions combine a whole lot of services for which customers currently need to be in queue or find it difficult to access a location.
  • These centrally controlled assets with touch screens of 42" to 60” aid in centrally controlling, scheduling and disseminating internal and external communications at will.

Updating notices centrally

Centrally controlled Boards

  • Speed of communication and internally managing the same without lag is imperative for any management.
  • Centrally controlled notice boards at hospitals are carefully crafted to include various sections of information from OPD, nursing stations to security at parking lots.
  • The content is customised and scheduled basis the location and strategically defined sections.